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The size and mass of a commercial truck increase the risk of an accident and subsequent injuries to the victim since it is much harder to maneuver or stop a truck when compared to other automobiles on the road. Truck accidents can be serious and different from other types of auto accidents because there can be more than one party responsible for a truck accident. Hence, filing a truck accident lawsuit might be more complex than you think.

A reputable and experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer is the best bet to handle your lawsuit. Atlanta has its own share of personal injury lawyers. But all of these lawyers are not created equal. You should do your homework properly before selecting the best truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to handle your case. That is where Humphrey & Ballard Law comes in handy. We have skilled personal injury attorneys dedicated to handling all types of car accident cases.

At Humphrey & Ballard Law, we have many years of experience negotiating with insurance providers as well as navigating complex truck accident cases involving multiple parties. Our efforts often lead to a fair settlement. But our expert team is always prepared to take your case to courts if we can’t reach a fair agreement on behalf of the client.

That is why you need to rely on Humphrey & Ballard Law for all your personal injury cases in Atlanta, GA. Call Humphrey & Ballard Law in Atlanta today at 404-341-0499 to discuss your legal options and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Truck Accident Statistics in Georgia

The deaths due to truck accidents in Georgia steadily increased from 2006 to 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. In fact, the year 2006 saw 232 deaths from truck accidents. This number declined to 153 deaths per year in 2010. But 2011 saw an increase in truck accident deaths. The number of deaths in 2011 was 173.

The numbers of truck accident deaths in the state were as follows from 2012 to 2016:

  • There were 153 truck accident fatalities in 2012
  • The fatalities increased to 163 in 2013
  • There were 155 deaths in 2014
  • The number of deaths increased to 182 in 2015 and decreased to 179 the following year

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

There are different types of truck accidents on Georgia roads including semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Even a pickup truck can do a lot of damage when it collides with a car. Hence, it is important to protect yourself physically and legally after a devastating truck accident. Here are some of the most important steps to follow soon after a truck accident in Atlanta:

Don’t Leave the Scene

Stay at the accident scene and report the accident. In fact, in Georgia, it is illegal to leave the scene after an accident. You can be charged with hit-and-run in such a situation. You should report the accident if there are injuries, death, or property damage exceeding $500.

Get Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

Many victims don’t get medical treatments if their injuries are minor. But truck accidents tend to cause serious injuries and even death to victims. Call 911 and get emergency medical help. Even if you don’t have serious injuries but still feel some pain, make sure to see a doctor.

Exchange Information

Exchange information with the other party involved in the accident. Get the name, address, contact number, insurance, and license details of the other party and give your information to them.

Speak with Witnesses

Talk to witnesses at the scene and collect their contact information. Their testimonies and any evidence they might have may be extremely helpful in determining fault and bolstering your claim.

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

The most important thing is to contact an experienced truck accident attorney at Humphrey & Ballard Law to handle your personal injury case and claim the maximum benefits for your injuries and emotional stress.

What Are the Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability in Georgia?

The state of Georgia practices a modified comparative fault system when determining who is at fault in a truck accident. The law states that the victim is only entitled to financial compensation as long as he or she was less than 50% responsible for the accident.

How Can an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

A truck accident lawyer from Humphrey & Ballard Law can help you claim maximum compensation for your injuries by:


Spearheading investigations is one of the numerous ways a lawyer can help. With the assistance of specialists such as accident reconstructionists, our attorneys will examine the accident scene and gather and preserve all evidence, including the photos of the location and the truck’s black box, which can indicate what transpired seconds before the accident.

Filing a Claim

Your truck attorney can file your truck accident claim on your behalf and ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, such as Georgia’s statutes of limitations for truck accident cases.

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Keep in mind that insurance companies, including your own, will do everything possible to avoid paying your claim. Our attorneys understand the various strategies used by insurance agents and adjusters and will fight for your right to recover a fair settlement.


If settlement talks fail, your case will have to go to court. A truck accident lawyer can assist you with the necessary paperwork to take your case to trial. At Humphrey and Ballard Law, we have the resources, knowledge, and trial experience to represent you in court.

What Types of Compensation Can I Receive in Georgia?

There are three basic types of compensation you could receive for your injuries in a truck accident. Economic damages are easy to calculate and may include medical treatments, doctor visits, hospital stays, and physical therapy. Non-economic damages are difficult to calculate and may include emotional distress and suffering as a result of the injuries you have sustained due to the accident.

Punitive damages are different from economic and non-economic damages. This type of damage isn’t designed to compensate the victim for his/her injuries but the at-fault party for their reckless behavior. It also helps deter similar future conduct by the defendant or other drivers.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

An experienced truck accident lawyer at Humphrey & Ballard Law will evaluate your case and see whether you have an actual claim. There are many factors that go into determining the value of a truck accident claim. Contact one of our experienced lawyers to evaluate your case and recommend further action.

Is there a Deadline for Filing a Claim in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia’s statute of limitations comes into effect two years from the date of the injury or death.

How Is Fault in a Truck Accident Determined?

There are four basic legal elements described in negligence law that should be satisfied to prove the fault of the at-fault party:

  • The existence of a duty of care
  • Breach of the duty of care
  • The breach resulted in the truck accident and subsequent injuries
  • The injuries, damages, and losses were due to the truck accident and not due to anything else

Can a Lawyer Prove the Truck Driver Was Negligent?

Yes, our lawyers are well experienced in proving the negligence of at-fault parties in the past. We will prove the four basic legal elements to establish the negligence of the defendant and get you the maximum benefits that you rightly deserve.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

There is more than one party that could be held liable for a trucking accident. For example:

  • The driver of the truck is the main party involved in the accident.
  • The trucking company becomes responsible for the accident if they didn’t maintain the vehicle properly.
  • The company that loads the cargo can be held responsible if they have overloaded the truck with cargo.
  • On the other hand, vehicle or parts manufacturers are held responsible if the accident was caused due to a malfunctioning part/parts of the truck.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Common causes of truck accidents include:

Call Our Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers Today

With over 15-million commercial trucks plying the U.S. roads at any given time, the chances of being involved in a truck accident in Atlanta, GA, is quite high. The consequences of being involved in a truck accident can be devastating both financially and emotionally. The entire family of the victim may suffer financially and emotionally due to such an incident. A reliable truck accident lawyer in Atlanta can help the victim obtain maximum compensation for his/her physical and emotional suffering.

The experienced lawyers at Humphrey and Ballard Law can help you file a claim to obtain adequate compensation for your physical and emotional suffering. Humphrey and Ballard Law employs some of the best personal injury lawyers in Georgia with many years of experience handling truck accident claims. Our attorneys will get you top compensation for your injuries.

Call Humphrey & Ballard Law in Atlanta today at 404-341-0499 to discuss your legal options and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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