Car Accident Lawyer: How Much Does One Cost?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Riverdale and suffered an injury, one of the worries you may have is the cost of getting a lawyer. After an accident, you may have to dig deep in your pockets for medical care and compensation. Your health is a priority. So is recovering compensation.

You shouldn’t bear the cost of an accident that wasn’t your fault. Instead, you deserve compensation for your ordeal and the money you’ve spent during the period. That’s where an experienced Riverdale auto accident lawyer comes into the picture. But how much will it cost to get a car accident lawyer? This article provides the answer.

How Much Will a Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

Every personal injury case isn’t the same. Each case comes with a peculiar degree of complication. So it is pretty challenging to pin a specific figure as lawyer’s fees. Certain factors will influence the price of a car accident compensation case. They include:

  • Your Degree of Fault

Georgia operates the comparative fault system, which determines the liabilities of the parties involved in an auto accident case. The comparative fault system allows the courts to only award compensation when you are less responsible for the mishap. If you share more than 50% fault, you will be ineligible for compensation.

Also, the comparative fault system counts in determining how much compensation you will get. So, even when you are less responsible for the accident, your degree of fault will reduce the payment you should have earned.

Consequently, it impacts how much the lawyer charges. The higher your degree of fault from your lawyer’s estimation, the higher the effort required to win the case.

  • Legal Representation

The first method of compensation recovery is negotiation. Your lawyer will meet with the at-fault party’s insurance company and try to reach an understanding with them. However, not all negotiation attempts are successful.

Negotiations may break down, leading your lawyer to attempt the only option left: a lawsuit. Next, your lawyer will file for a hearing in court. During litigation, your lawyer will present your case in court and try to provide a superior argument to justify your claims. Typically, a personal injury case costs more if it gets to the stage of litigation than if it ended at the negotiation table.

  • Evidence Gathering

Your lawyer will need to provide compelling evidence to convince the judge that you deserve compensation and that the amount of your requested damages is justified. Some cases require extensive effort and lot’s of money in pursuing evidence. The difficulty in obtaining evidence may also reflect in your legal fees.

  • Witness Testimony

The testimony of a witness is crucial in establishing the credibility of any compensation claim. Your lawyer may need to track eyewitnesses and convince them to testify in your favor in court. Your attorney may also need to secure the testimony of expert witnesses in the court to back up your claims. All these require financing. Securing the commitment of witnesses will also count in legal costs.

  • The Experience and Pedigree of Your Attorney

Some attorneys have a higher profile than others. Of course, popularity and track record have a role in influencing legal costs. But, generally, the more successful, experienced, and sought-after your lawyer is, the higher the charge.

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When Does My Lawyer Get Paid?

Remember that the success of your compensation bid is paramount. However, it also largely depends on the quality of legal representation you get. Usually, the more experienced and successful a lawyer is, the higher your costs.

So, how do you get the money to pay for a good lawyer when recovering from injuries? The good news is that you can get a good lawyer without paying upfront costs. Let’s see how.

The Contingency Fee Agreement

The contingency fee agreement system is the most popular payment method for legal payment in car accident cases. This system allows you to receive legal representation without paying any upfront fees. Typically, after treating yourself for injuries sustained in an auto accident, you might have spent a large chunk of your savings.

For this reason, you may find it difficult to afford a good lawyer. But not when a contingency fee system is in place. With the contingency fee payment plan, you can hire the services of the best lawyers around.

How Does the Contingency Fee System Work?

Under the contingency agreement, you will only pay your lawyer when they win your case. The deal will specify what percentage of your compensation belongs to your lawyer as legal fees. Usually, this percentage ranges from 30% to $40. Many law firms charge one-third of 33.3% of the compensation amount.

Depending on the nature of the agreement, this lawyer’s percentage may or may not include the cost of obtaining witness testimony and evidence, filing for litigation, and other expenses. Not all cases attract high rates. The lawyer’s rate may fall within 20% to 25% if the case ends at the negotiation stage.

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