What Evidence Will Your South Fulton Accident Lawyer Use to Prove Your Case?

Some people assume that, just because they were involved in a car accident, they’ll be entitled to damages. They have no idea what work goes into suing somebody for a car accident. Our South Fulton accident lawyers meet with clients all the time who think they’re going to walk away with a million dollars just because someone backed into their car in a busy parking lot. The truth is that you can only receive damages for injuries you actually suffered. This includes both physical and financial injuries. For the most part, your damages are limited to the evidence your car accident lawyer in South Fulton can produce. This means that you need to provide your attorney with as much information as possible.

Here, we’ll discuss the various types of evidence your South Fulton accident lawyer can use to prove your case. It’s important to remember that, just because we don’t mention something here, that doesn’t mean it can’t constitute evidence. It all depends on the facts of your case. For example, you may have gotten into a crash in a busy intersection that has an intersection camera. If that’s the case, your car accident lawyer in South Fulton can use footage from that camera in your lawsuit. The same is true if you have a dashcam in your vehicle. If that camera caught anything that can help prove the defendant was at fault, your lawyer will try to use it.

If you or your family member have been injured in a car accident recently, give us a call. We offer new clients a free, initial consultation. This means you can talk to a seasoned attorney and have them review your case. If they think there’s enough evidence to prove fault, they may be willing to represent you. If you decide to move forward, you can retain our services and we’ll get started right away.

The Police Report Can Be Very Helpful to Your Case

One of the reasons we always tell car accident victims to call 911 is so that they have a police report. This report includes all of the officer’s findings. This information is not only valuable to your case, but it is often the only way you can access some of this evidence. The information contained in a police report includes the following:

  • Names, insurance information, and registration information for both drivers
  • Statements made by either of the drivers
  • Witness statements
  • Contact information for any eyewitnesses
  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • Description of the road condition
  • Notations of any traffic tickets or arrests that occur at the crash scene

All of this information can be useful in your case. And, if it weren’t for the police report, your South Fulton accident lawyer wouldn’t have access to some of this information.

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Your South Fulton Accident Lawyer May Be Able to Talk to Witnesses

It is always helpful if there were witnesses to the accident. It can be hard to get witnesses to talk. Very few people want to get involved in a stranger’s litigation. This is why it’s nice that the police already talked to them. They will put their statement into their report. They will also put their contact information. Without this, your attorney would have no idea these witnesses even exist. It will also be a lot easier convincing them to help since they have already talked to the police about what they saw.

You May Need Your Doctor to Testify on Your Behalf

If you are demanding compensation for future medical care, you may need your doctor to testify. Your South Fulton accident lawyer must demonstrate what future medical care you’ll need. They will also have to show how much this treatment will cost. Having your doctor take the stand or just sign an affidavit can help tremendously. Juries believe doctors. Plus, your doctor has no reason to exaggerate your injuries. They have no reason to lie on your behalf.

Statements from the Other Driver Can Be Used in Court as Well

When the police first arrive on the scene, they’ll talk to you and the other driver. They will make a note of whatever you say. If the defendant says something to the police that helps demonstrate that they were at fault, it can help in your case. Your attorney can introduce a copy of the police report. They can also check to see what the other driver told their insurance carrier when they submitted their claim.

Trust that Your Car Accident Lawyer in South Fulton Will Do What it Takes to Prove Your Case

The reason you hire a car accident lawyer in South Fulton is so that they can help you get compensation for your injuries. Whether they’re pursuing the other driver’s insurance company or a third party, they’ll need to back up their claim. This is done using evidence. As discussed here, there are all different types of evidence South Fulton accident lawyers use. Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer may need more evidence than usual. This is especially true if the defendant is claiming that you caused the crash. They will gather whatever information they can to demonstrate that the other driver caused the accident. This way, they can push to get you the damages you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Georgia, you owe it to yourself to talk to a South Fulton accident lawyer. Not only can they review your case, but they can also give you an idea of what it’s worth. Once they’ve had a chance to review your evidence, your car accident lawyer in South Fulton will have a better idea of whether you have a valid claim. The only way to know for sure is to call and schedule your free, initial consultation. You can sit down with a seasoned attorney who has handled dozens of cases like yours in the past. They aren’t intimidated by the insurance companies. Nor will they back down from the defendant’s lawyer. They will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.