Motorcycle Accident: Most Common Types of Injuries

You can ask any motorcycle accident in East Point what the most dangerous type of accident is, and they’ll tell you it’s a motorcycle accident. Aside from trucking accidents, people involved in motorcycle accidents typically suffer the most serious of injuries. 

Most people are lucky if they can walk away from the accident at all. This is because there’s nothing standing between the motorcycle rider and the other vehicle. Other than a plastic helmet, there’s nothing to help withstand the impact of a car or SUV. Often, motorcycle riders are thrown from their bike immediately upon impact. This can result in life threatening injuries or even death. This is why our motorcycle accident attorneys in East Point work so hard to get their clients the compensation they deserve.

Here, we will discuss the types of injuries most of our motorcycle accident clients suffer. We will also describe why these types of accidents are so much more serious than others. Finally, we will explain the various types of damages your motorcycle accident attorneys in East Point can demand on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accidents are More Dangerous than Most Motor Vehicle Accidents

All motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be life changing. For example, if your passenger vehicle is hit head-on by another car or SUV, you can be seriously injured or killed. The same can be true of a tractor trailer accident. However, in each of these cases, you’re at least safely ensconced in your car or SUV. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the rider is exposed, so whatever impact the other driver causes.

Very few people can withstand the kind of impact suffered in a motorcycle crash. The damage can be more serious if you have a passenger on the bike at the time of the crash. Many of our clients come to us because they’re simply not physically capable of handling their own claim. They’re at home trying to recover from their injuries and the last thing they want to do is fight with the insurance adjuster. Some are not even lucky enough to be at home. Many of our clients first call us from the hospital looking for the best personal injury attorney in East Point, Georgia.

You Will Likely Suffer Life Changing Injuries in Your Motorcycle Crash

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, there’s a very good chance you’ll suffer life changing injuries. Some of these injuries are obvious. For example, if you are thrown from your bike and land on asphalt, you’ll certainly suffer broken bones. You’ll also experience bruises and lacerations. However, there are much more serious injuries that you may sustain if your motorcycle is hit by another vehicle.

Some of these life changing injuries include the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

You can sustain a traumatic brain injury when you suffer a severe blow to the head. Oftentimes, motorcycle accident victims don’t realize they’ve suffered this sort of injury for days. This is why we always tell our clients that it’s critical to go to the hospital immediately after your crash. 

This way, the emergency room doctors can run any necessary tests to determine the extent of your injuries. If this type of injury is left untreated, it can become very serious and even prove fatal.

motorcycle accident in East Point

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

Depending on what happens at the point of impact, you may very well suffer a spinal cord injury. You could sever your spinal cord or damage it in some other way. This type of injury often leads to partial or permanent paralysis. 

You and your passenger may end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your lives. This means you won’t be able to work or go to school. You may not be able to take care of your children or your family.

  • Back Injuries

It goes without saying that people involved in motorcycle accidents often experience back injuries. You may need surgery and long- term physical therapy. It may take months, or even years before you’re ready to return to work. This is why our motorcycle accident attorneys in East Point demand damages for future lost income.

While we’ve only listed a few types of injuries here, you should understand that there is a whole host of injuries you may suffer. Typically, motorcycle accident victims don’t have a choice of going to the hospital. When the police officers respond to the crash, they’ll call for an ambulance to arrive on the scene with them. They’ll take one look at you and your injuries and rush you off to the emergency room in a matter of minutes.

There’s a Good Chance You Will Need Extensive Medical Care

As briefly stated above, if you are involved in a motorcycle crash, you’ll need extensive medical care. This may involve hospitalization, surgeries, and physical therapy. You may choose to see a chiropractor for months or years after your injuries. You may need to take advantage of occupational therapy. This can help you make the adjustments needed to return to work.

In addition to these major types of medical care, you will also receive regular medical treatment. For example, if you have broken bones, these bones will have to be reset. If you suffer burn injuries, there really isn’t any way for the doctors to treat you. Your only choice will be to let time heal your wounds. You may need skin grafts in the future. You may suffer permanent scarring as a result of your burns or lacerations.

These are the types of injuries that have long-term effects on your quality of life. This is why, if the other driver was at fault, the best personal injury attorneys in East Point will get you compensation for your injuries. This will more than likely include damages for pain and suffering.

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