Riverdale Car Accident: First Steps After

Have you been in a Riverdale auto accident? Then, you must be dealing with numerous emotions and may have sustained mild to severe injuries. While auto crashes can be chaotic, you must take the correct steps to avoid health complications and secure maximum compensation. Every Riverdale automobile accident attorney knows that your post-accident activities significantly determine your success chances in a personal injury claim.

First, doing the right thing after a motor vehicle collision takes you out of harm’s way at the crash scene. It also puts you in the best position to recover swiftly from your injuries. Furthermore, taking the correct steps post-accident gives you the upper hand at the negotiation table with the insurance company.

This article focuses on the essential steps after a car accident in Riverdale. You’ll also learn why hiring a personal injury lawyer is one of the wisest decisions after a traffic collision. First, however, it’s vital to discuss why auto crashes happen in the first place.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Auto crashes seldomly happen on their own. They’re almost always a result of recklessness involving the following dangerous on-the-road activities:

  • Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when motorists take their eyes or attention off the road. This activity is hazardous even if it lasts only a few seconds. According to the NHTSA, distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives in the country in 2020. Common examples of this reckless behavior include texting, making phone calls, and looking at road attractions while driving.

  • Speeding

Speeding means driving faster than the law permits. It is one of the most dangerous activities on the road and is the culprit of many road fatalities. In addition, speeding makes it difficult for motorists to react promptly to emergencies as they drive. It also increases the risk of severe injuries in an auto accident.

  • Drowsy Driving

It’s always advisable never to drive while feeling sleepy or when you’re tired. Doing otherwise will put you at risk of a motor vehicle collision. Unfortunately, drowsy driving remains a big problem in the United States.

Sleeping behind the wheels will slow your reaction time and limit your ability to make rational decisions on the road. But, like distracted driving, it also takes your focus off the road.

  • Failure to Maintain Vehicle

When you fail to maintain your vehicle as, and when due, you’re predisposing yourself and others to dangerous situations. Regular car maintenance helps you detect and fix faulty parts to avoid vehicle breakdown on the road.

  • Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime in Riverdale. Unfortunately, it’s also hazardous and poses the same threats to road users as distracted and drowsy driving.

Essential Steps to Take After an Auto Crash in Riverdale

Doing the following after a car accident will ensure that your injuries don’t get worse. It also helps your civil case and increases your chances of substantial financial compensation.

  • Prioritize Safety and Stay at the Crash Site

Being in a motor vehicle accident can seem like the worst thing to ever happen to you. However, what’s truly worse is having another collision just after your initial accident. As such, the first thing to do after a car crash is to move to safety and prevent further wrecks.

To do this, start by moving your vehicle to the side of the road and turning your hazard lights on. If your car wouldn’t start, get out of your vehicle and get yourself to a safe location, away from traffic. However, ensure that you don’t leave the crash site as that may constitute an offense.

  • Call the Police and Emergency Responders

Even if the accident is a minor one, calling law enforcement to the scene is essential. That’s especially if it involves injuries or property damage worth $500 and above. When the police officers arrive, answer their questions factually. If you’re unsure about how to respond, contact your Riverdale automobile accident attorney.

Dial 911 to speak with emergency responders too. Even if you don’t notice any injuries, it’s never a bad idea to be extra sure.

Driver calling Riverdale automobile accident attorney

  • Take Pictures

If you have your smartphone with you at the accident scene, you can gather evidence by taking pictures. This is very important, especially where no cameras recorded the events leading to the crash. Focus on the license plates, impact points, and vehicle positioning.

Taking pictures and videos of the crash site can help you prove that the other driver is at fault.

  • Speak to Witnesses

Another way to gather evidence for your personal injury claim is by speaking with witnesses at the crash scene. Identify bystanders and politely ask them to give their accounts of what they saw. If possible, and with their permission, record them as they speak. You can also ask if they’ll be available to act as eyewitnesses in your case.

  • Write Down Contact Information

While it may be difficult not to get angry at the at-fault driver, you must keep calm. Politely ask them for their contact information, including names, addresses, insurance information, and phone number. Aside from these, ensure that you limit your conversations with the other motorists.

  • Don’t Post Anything on Social Media

Insurance companies can use whatever you say against you when negotiating a settlement. That includes what you say on social media. So don’t post anything related to your injuries or the accident on the internet. If you must post, ensure that you get a go-ahead from your Riverdale automobile accident lawyer.

  • Call a Riverdale Auto Accident Attorney

No matter what you do, never forget to call an experienced Riverdale automobile accident attorney to handle your car claim. We’ll discuss why next.

Why Should I Hire a Riverdale Automobile Accident Attorney?

A Riverdale automobile accident attorney is an essential part of your injury claims for these reasons:

  • They will leverage their legal experience and negotiation skills to get you the maximum financial settlement. Your lawyers know how to calculate your case’s worth. They’ll ensure that you get no less than you deserve.
  • Riverdale auto accident lawyers are in the best position to give you quality advice on how to handle your case.
  • Many personal injury attorneys are also trial lawyers. So if you need to file a lawsuit, they’ll be available to represent you.
  • They’ll handle all the complex paperwork and documentation in your case. Experienced attorneys will work swiftly to meet up with strict deadlines.

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